How long does it take from placing my order to it arriving?

Normally an order takes between 2 to 5 weeks to be cast up and shipped. Smaller orders (just 1 or 2 parts) shouldn’t take more than around a week, larger kits (such as full pack kits) will take longer. This time can increase due to high order volume, moulds having to be re-made, temperature in the workshop etc  but I always try and ship orders as soon as possible without quality suffering. If you ever want an update on your order just send me a text/email/ private message me 🙂

Do you mail order goods to other countries?

Yes, I ship worldwide.

Do you offer returns/refunds?

In the unlikely event  of you recieving a broken or unsatisfactory part,  it can be returned for a  replacement. Refunds cannot be issued for increased wait times.

Will my order come with a tracking code?


All orders placed after November 14th 2017 will now come with a tracking code! For all orders placed before this date please see below….

Orders under 2kg are sent regular mail and don’t include a tracked service. Orders over 2kg are sent via parcel force and are tracked until they leave the UK. You are welcome to contact me before placing your order if you require full tracking for your items.

Are your parts/kits easy to work with?

Yes very easy. I use movie grade polyurethane resins/rubbers and fibreglass which can be sanded, glued, drilled, cut etc with basic tools.

Do I need to wash your parts before painting?

Yes. I use a mould release system that needs washing off before painting. A good scrub in warm water with washing up liquid is ideal.

Which glue is best to use with your parts?

The best glue to use is a two part epoxy glue such as Araldite. On larger parts use screws/bolts in combination with the epoxy glue for an extra strong hold. Superglue can be used to attach smaller, non-load bearing parts.

Which paints are best to use on your parts?

Automotive primers and acrylic sprays are ideal. Acrylic brush on paints are ideal for more detailed work.